Informazioni per gli autori

Guidelines for authors
Authors should carefully read and follow the procedure as below.
Professioni Infermieristiche publishes:
• Research Article → texts which report the results of a study (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods approach or with other design research – action and historical research), carried out within nursing context or of interest of nursing science.
• Case Reports and Case Studies → analysis or discussion of nursing case which can be interesting as starting point of future research/ discussion
• Theoretical papers → texts which develop, review, adapt or discuss, nursing theories, theoretical models and concepts, or which reflect on nursing philosophy, ethics and theory
• Methodological articles → texts which discuss the development, application of tools or methodologies within different nursing settings;
• Research protocols → protocols which describe the development of a study already approved by ethical committee and registered in the appropriate web site (i.e.;
• Review→ Short reviews, scoping reviews, literature reviews, systematic reviews, meta – synthesis reviews, overview and umbrella reviews;

The submission must be uploaded in 3 separate files.
1) A title page with title (Italian and English), authors, affiliation, corresponding author, type of article (i.e. Research Articles, Reviews)
• Title. Title should be no more than two typeset lines and should be comprehensible to a international scientific audience.
• Author Affiliations. Include highest academic title, role, department, institution, for each author. Authors are encouraged to supply their ORCID ID at submission.
• Corresponding Author. Name, affiliations, complete address, phone and email address of the author to whom correspondence and proofs should be sent. This data will appear in the article footnotes.

Furthemore, in this files, it must be clearly stated:
• That the manuscript is not submitted elsewhere and is original.
• Each author contribution.

Professioni Infermieristiche would appreciate to have a clear statement about the appropriateness of the submission with the mission/interest of the journal/readers and about the novelty of the paper.

2) Manuscript main document. This file must include:

• Abstract in Italian (400 words) and English (250 words), please state total word count for abstract. Where available, abstract should be structured and submitted following the IMRaD format.
• Keywords: abstracts should be followed by a maximum of 6 key words preferably expressed as MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) terms.
• Manuscript. All manuscripts must be in Italian or English and fit within the aim and scope of Professioni Infermieristiche and submittet in MS Format, with a font size (Times New Roman 12) and should be follow a common format, as article should be developed.
Manuscripts must be no more of 6000 words in length (excluded abstract, reference and tables). Editors will approve exceptions. Please state total word count for the body of the manuscript.
3) Tables.
Tables, graphs, picture (a maximum of 6 tables/graphs for article). Tables should containing
only essential data, each figure should have a legend and all legends should be numbered in Arabic numbers. Original spreadsheet data should be provided along with graphs. Figure, Graph and Pictures in JPG or TIFF format should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (halftone) or 600 to 1200 dpi (line drawings) in relation to the reproduction size). If all or parts of previously published illustrations are used, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder concerned. No supplementary tables or graphs are admitted.

Professioni infermieristiche follows APA Style as referencing style. Authors should be aware that article with wrong referencing style will be not take into consideration. For more information about APA referencing style, please refer to the APA FAQ.
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through After login, as author, the web site platform lead the submission process. At the end of the process an email will be automatically sent. Authors can follow the review process through the web system. More information about submission process on
In the case of extreme difficulties encountered when submitting online, manuscripts can be submitted as email attachments (in the same form i.e. 3 different files) to

Proof correction
Corresponding authors will receive electronic communication with proof for its correction and verification. Professioni Infermieristiche will do everything possible to get article published quickly and accurately. At this stage authors should check typesetting, editing, text, tables and figures completeness and correctness. Significant changes to the article as accepted for publication will only be considered at this stage where allowed by Editors. All corrections should sent back in one communication. Please check carefully before replying, as inclusion of any subsequent corrections cannot be guaranteed.

Neither the editors nor the Editorial Board are responsible for authors’ expressed opinions, views, and the contents of the published manuscripts in the journal. The originality, proofreading of manuscripts and errors are the sole responsibility of the individual authors.
Information and Inquiries:
All correspondence and inquiries regarding submission information,manuscript preparation, the status of manuscripts or reprint should be directed to the Editors in Chief.
Editors in Chief
Davide Ausili, PhD, RN
Walter De Caro, PhD, RN
Anna Rita Marucci, PhD, RN
General inquiries and submission